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The content on this page is related to a deprecated version of LoadUI, which has been superseded by LoadUI NG Pro in the Ready! API platform. Click here to learn more.

1. Project View

1.1. Overview


Main Toolbar

2_snag_evi Canvas

3_snag_evi Component Example LoadTesting Components
4_snag_evi Wire
Used to wire components together
5_snag_evi Component Bar

6_snag_evi Inspector Bar

1.2. Project Toolbar


LoadUI Button

2_snag_evi Project Menu

3_snag_evi Design Tab Used to go to the Project Canvas
4_snag_evi Statistics Tab Used to go to Statistic View
5_snag_evi Start/Stop Button Used to Start and Stop the LoadTest
6_snag_evi Distribution Selector Used to choose if tests are run locally or distributed(pro only)
7_snag_evi Time Display
Request Counter
9_snag_evi Failure Counter The number of failed assertions
10_snag_evi Reset Button Resets the timer and all the counters
11_snag_evi Set limits Button Use this to set the limits for the counters and timer
12_snag_evi Summary Button Used to display summaries once a LoadTest has finished running
13_snag_evi Settings Button Opens the settings dialog for this project
14_snag_evi Close Button
Closes the current project and returns to the Workspace View

1.3. Project Component Bar

Project Component Bar

Expand Button
Used to expand a group containing multiple components
2_snag_evi Component
Drag and drop the component on the canvas to create it
3_snag_evi Expanded Group

4_snag_evi Close Button
Used to close the expanded group
5_snag_evi Arrows
Used to scroll through groups
6_snag_evi Scenario Drag onto the canvas to create a Scenario

1.4. VU Scenario


Used to control the start and stop of the Scenario from another component
2_snag_evi Scenario Menu

3_snag_evi Settings Button

4_snag_evi Help Button

5_snag_evi Start/Pause Button  
Used to Start and Pause the Scenario
6_snag_evi Stop Button
Used to stop the Scenario once it is running
7_snag_evi Link Button
Used to link the Scenario to the project it is in, so that it starts and stops with the project
Time Display

9_snag_evi Request Counter
10_snag_evi Failure Counter

11_snag_evi Scenario display
Double click here to open the Scenario

1.5. Agent Inspector


Scenario Toolbox
Holds all the Scenarios in the project
2_snag_evi Scenario Drag it to an agent to deploy
3_snag_evi Agent Carousel Holds all the Agents defined in the current project
4_snag_evi Agent

5_snag_evi Deployed Scenario

6_snag_evi Enable/Disable button  
Used to enable and disable the agent
7_snag_evi Scenario Menu Button Opens the menu for the agent
Arrows Used to scroll through the agents

2. Scenario View

The Scenario View is very similar to the Project View, except that it is impossible to create Scenarios within it, and the menu bar is slightly different.

2.1. The Scenario Menu Bar


Project Run Control  
Used to Control the project that this Scenario is a part of
2_snag_evi Link Button
Used to link the Scenario to the project it is in, so that it starts and stops with the project