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The content on this page is related to a deprecated version of LoadUI, which has been superseded by LoadUI NG Pro in the Ready! API platform. Click here to learn more.

A Statistic is composed by applying a certain Metric on some Statistic Data. A Statistic could for example be composed by applying the metric Average on the statistic data Response size.

Statistic Data

Different types of Components exposes different Statistic Data.

Every Metric cannot be applied to every Statistic Data (because it wouldn't make sense to apply certain Metrics to certain Statistic Data). The Applicable Metrics column tells which Metrics that can be applied to that Statistic Data.

Runner Components WebRunnerIcon soapuirunnerIcon ScriptRunner ProcessRunner

Statistic DataDescription Applicable Metrics
Completed Number of completed requests. Per Second, Total
Discarded Number of discarded requests. Per Second, Total
Failures Number of failed requests. Per Second, Total
Queued Number of currently queued requests. Value
Response Size The size in bytes of the received response. Average, Max, Median, Min, Std Dev, %-ile 25th, %-ile 75th, %-ile 90th
Running Number of currently running requests. Value
Sent Number of sent requests. Per Second, Total
Throughput Amount of data or transactions per second handled by the Runner. BPS, TPS
Time Taken The time taken in milliseconds for the requests (often the same as response time). Average, Max, Median, Min, Std Dev, %-ile 25th, %-ile 75th, %-ile 90th
Latency The time before the first byte of the response arrives (i.e. network latency). Average, Max, Median, Min, Std Dev, %-ile 25th, %-ile 75th, %-ile 90th

Condition Component  Condition

Statistic DataDescription Applicable Metrics
True Percentage
True Occurences
Per Second, Total
False Occurences
Per Second, Total

Projects and VU Scenarios projectIcon testcaseIcon

Statistic DataDescription Applicable Metrics
Assertion Failures Number of assertion failures.
Per Second, Total
Request Failures Number of request failures (e.g. socket timeout). Per Second, Total
Requests Number of requests. Per Second, Total
Failures Number of failures. Per Second, Total

Server Monitors operating_systems web_servers application_servers databases network

The statistic data available from Server Monitors can be found in the Server Monitoring chapter, in the Server Configuration category.


All Metrics operate on all samples/values since the last data point. This means that if the Average response size in the Seconds zoom level is 4711 bytes at 26 seconds, then 4711 bytes is the average response size between 00:00:25 and 00:00:26.

Average Average value (from all samples since last data point).
BPS Bytes per second.
Max Maximum value.
Median Median value (same as %-ile 50th).
Min Minimum value.
Per Second Per second (always per second, no matter the zoom level).
Std Dev Standard deviation.
Total Total (same as per second in Seconds zoom level).
TPS Transactions per second.
Value The actual value (interpolated to data point resolution).
%-ile 25th The 25th percentile (interpolated, inclusive).
%-ile 75th The 75th percentile (interpolated, inclusive).
%-ile 90th The 90th percentile (interpolated, inclusive).

Please note that Median, Percentile and Standard Deviation values are aggregated by using a weighted average. This means that they will not show precise values in any other zoom levels than the Seconds zoom level.