Installing your License

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The content on this page is related to a deprecated version of LoadUI, which has been superseded by LoadUI NG Pro in the Ready! API platform. Click here to learn more.

All of our licenses are sent out via email, and are files with the extension .license. You will need to use this license to activate the loadUI Pro program. First, make sure you have the latest version of loadUI Pro downloaded. You can do this at our Downloads page.

  1. When opening loadUI Pro for the first time, you will be prompted to install your license. Select I have a valid license file and click on Next.

  2. Specify the location of your license by clicking on the ... button, and browsing to the license file. Then click on Finish.

  3. You will now be prompted with the loadUI Pro license agreement, which you must accept to proceed to use loadUI Pro.

  4. Once you have installed the license and agreed to the terms, you will be prompted  to activate the license. Select Activate Online and click on Next (Note: you can also click on Finish instead, which will skip step 5).

  5. If you connect to the internet using a proxy, select Use proxy and fill in the connection details. If not, leave the default setting of Direct connection, and click on Finish.

  6. IMPORTANT! Due to a limitation in loadUI Pro beta 1, you will need to restart loadUI Pro before the pro features become available. Close the loadUI Pro window, and start the application back up to begin using loadUI Pro.