Splitter Component

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The content on this page is related to a deprecated version of LoadUI, which has been superseded by LoadUI NG Pro in the Ready! API platform. Click here to learn more.

The Splitter Component is used to make Virtual Users go different ways, randomly or in a round-robin fashion.

0.1. Layout

0.2. Standard View



Input The incoming Virtual Users that will be split.
2_snag_evi Distribution Type/Mode
Selector for distribution strategy. Distribution strategy defines how incoming messages will be distributed: Round-Robin distributes messages in circular order and Random randomly determine next output.
3_snag_evi Number of Outputs
Slider to choose number of outputs.
4_snag_evi Counter Total Number of Messages Handled.
5_snag_evi Output Counters Shows how many messages were sent out through each output. This is only visible in Round-Robin mode.
6_snag_evi Outputs Output terminals. All Virtual Users gets sent out from exactly one of these.
7_snag_evi Probability
The probability that a Virtual User choses this output. This is only visible in Random mode.

0.3. Compact View


2_snag_evi Number of messages that came in

3_snag_evi The messages out

2_snag_evi The Outputs