Condition Component

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The content on this page is related to a deprecated version of LoadUI, which has been superseded by LoadUI NG Pro in the Ready! API platform. Click here to learn more.

Directs incoming VUs based upon a condition.

0.1. Basic (non-advanced) mode

Value The value to check the condition against
2_snag_evi Advanced Mode
Toggles Advanced Mode
3_snag_evi Min
The minimum value allowed
4_snag_evi Max The maximum value allowed
5_snag_evi Display
Displays the current min/max settings as well as the number of conditions which have evaluated to true, and to false.
6_snag_evi True Output
The output for values which fulfill the condition
7_snag_evi False Output
The output for values which do not fulfill the condition

0.2. Advanced mode

In Advanced mode, the value selector is replaced with a condition textbox. In it you can type any Groovy Expression which can be evaluated. The expression has access to any parameters in the incoming VU.

Condition The expression to evaluate for the condition
2_snag_evi Display Displays OK if the expression is syntactically correct

0.3. Example usage


0.4. Compact View

Display Shows the number of conditions which have been evaluated to true, and to false

0.5. Advanced topics

The Condition component can be used to selectively log certain requests, as described here.

It is also very useful in controlling the behavior of a VU, as described here.