Splitter Component

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The Splitter Component is used to make Virtual Users go different ways, randomly or in a round-robin fashion.

0.1. Layout

0.2. Standard View



Input The incoming Virtual Users that will be split.
2_snag_evi Distribution Type/Mode
Selector for distribution strategy. Distribution strategy defines how incoming messages will be distributed: Round-Robin distributes messages in circular order and Random randomly determine next output.
3_snag_evi Number of Outputs
Slider to choose number of outputs.
4_snag_evi Counter Total Number of Messages Handled.
5_snag_evi Output Counters Shows how many messages were sent out through each output. This is only visible in Round-Robin mode.
6_snag_evi Outputs Output terminals. All Virtual Users gets sent out from exactly one of these.
7_snag_evi Probability
The probability that a Virtual User choses this output. This is only visible in Random mode.

0.3. Compact View


2_snag_evi Number of messages that came in

3_snag_evi The messages out

2_snag_evi The Outputs