Working with loadUI

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The LoadUI User Interface

The Menu Bar

The Menu Bar is located on top of the user interface, giving an indication of which view is currently active (Workspace, Project or TestCase), as well as the menu for the view.


The Component Bar

The Component Bar is on the left, and contains the components that can be dragged onto the canvas to be added to the workspace, project or TestCase.


The System Panel

The System Panel is on the bottom of the LoadUI window, and it contains the various inspectors used to monitor events and performance of LoadUI.


The Views

There are three views in LoadUI, and the use of the main canvas will change depending on the view. The other elements will remain in place, although they will change with the functionality of the view.

Workspace View

This is the view that LoadUI opens up in. In it, you can see all the runners and projects in the current workspace. You can create new runners and projects by dragging them to the appropriate list.


Project View

This is the view in which a large amount of your work will be done. It represents a single project within the Workspace. The main canvas now acts as an area where you can drag components to, connect and customize them, as well as viewing the test while in progress


TestCase View

The TestCase view represents a single TestCase that can be placed on a runner. In most of the user interface aspects, it is almost identical to the Project View.