loadUI is out!

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The eviware team releases loadUI; the next generation Performance Testing Tool.

On June 21, eviware releases the Open Source Beta 1 of their new product, loadUI. loadUI is a new paradigm in Load Testing focusing on ease of use, agility and disreputability.

loadUI is Open Source and developed by eviware with input from the community.

“We think the product is a good illustration of how well being Open works. We have a large community filled with the smartest people possible telling us what they need.” Niclas Reimertz, CEO says. “We can take their feature requests and create something creative, the Load Testing space has felt quite stale and we wanted to do something that would make it more interesting again.”

loadUI is built on the three principles of Build, Explore, and Distribute.

Build, loadUI helps you create tests with drag and drop and with an intuitive and stunning interface.

Explore, as the first Load Testing Tool, loadUI will let you change the tests in real time making it possible to interactively explore and find performance bottlenecks.

Distribute, loadUI employs an intuitive interface for distributing the tests to agents at run time by dragging and dropping test cases onto the agents.

loadUI is highly customizable and includes an architecture for creating your own custom components.

Ole quote: “The community told us they wanted to extend to extend and tailor loadUI to their needs. We’ve made it extremely easy to write components for the software, and the framework makes it very easy to create great looking components in the software.”

loadUI also uses a highly efficient internal model for managing and simulating load. These results in high performance solution that will deliver thousands of virtual users from a simple workstation and that can be distributed to a multitude of Agents creating a virtual load of millions of users.

loadUI, the revolution in Load Testing, is released as Open Source and is Free of charge