loadUI 2.0, The Pro Release, BETA 1 out!

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loadUI 2.0, The Pro Release, BETA 1 out!

With the release of loadUI 2.0 BETA 1 we bring a whole new load testing player to the field: loadUI Pro.

loadUI Pro includes all the load testing goodyness that is in regular loadUI, with it’s beautiful user-interface and real-time drag-and-drop testing, and adds the powerful Server Monitoring feature. So while loadUI Open-Source can let you know if there’s a problem from a user-perspective, loadUI Pro really lets you dig down into your servers data and pinpoint what's causing it.

loadUI 2.0 also brings improved soapUI integration (we’ve totally revamped the soapUI Runner), optimized virtual user support, assertions, and much more.

Any feedback about how you are experiencing the BETA version of this release is greatly appreciated, and you can contact us at the forum here.

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