LoadUI 2.6.8 is out!

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We are proud to announce that LoadUI 2.6.8 has just been released.

This release contains a very important change: LoadUI Agents no longer require JavaFX during run-time, which means that it is now much easier to install the agents in headless servers!

It also means that LoadUI Agents can achieve better performance.

Try it out now by downloading LoadUI Pro and LoadUI Agents from our website:

Download it here

LoadUI Team


LoadUI 2.6.7 is out!

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We are proud to announce that LoadUI 2.6.7 has just been released. This is a minor release which fixes an important bug for SoapUI users and adds a new component, the Ramp Load Generator , to LoadUI and LoadUI Pro.

Try out LoadUI 2.6.7 Pro

Try out LoadUI 2.6.7 Open Source


Agents now available on AWS Marketplace

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LoadUI Pro agents are now available for download on Amazon's AWS Marketplace!

If you are a LoadUI Pro user you can now easily deploy your LoadUI Pro agents in Amazon's cloud. This functionality was available before, but the addition to the AWS Marketplace makes installation and deployment much easier.

Distributing your load tests in the cloud is a great way of getting extra load for your load tests without having to deal with the up-front cost of purchasing and setting up your own physical computers. LoadUI Pro Agents in Amazon's EC2 also has the added benefit of being able to generate load from multiple locations around the world by letting you specify the region for the EC2 instance. That way you can make sure you API is on par with your performance needs, and within your SLA, at a global scale.

While LoadUI Pro agents are included in the LoadUI Pro license at no extra cost, Amazon will charge you depending on the amount of traffic you send through EC2, in accordance with their Amazon EC2 pricing.


LoadUI 2.6.3 is out!

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We've just released LoadUI 2.6.3 there are a number of bugs fixes in this version, you can read more about bugs fixed in this version here.

Try out LoadUI 2.6.2 Pro

Try out LoadUI 2.6.2 Open Source


SoapUI 4.6 - REST In Progess

We’re happy to let you know that we today have released SoapUI 4.6 – REST In Progess! This is the first of several releases which aims at improving the REST-testing capabilities of SoapUI and SoapUI Pro.

When we added REST-testing support in SoapUI all the way back in 2008 and version 2.5, REST wasn’t nearly as popular as it is today. Since 2008 we’ve seen boom in the API-industry. In terms of public API:s, ProgrammableWeb went from having 750 public APIs in 2008 to today having more than 9,500. While SOAP is continuing to grow, REST has been outpacing adoption in terms of public APIs – more than 60% of the APIs listed in ProgrammableWeb’s directory are REST-based.

In SoapUI 4.6 we begin our journey to creating a more easily understandable and more powerful REST-testing experience in SoapUI. This first release makes the time-to-test for REST-projects much faster, due to improvements in both GUI and methodology. It is now much easier and quicker to set up a REST-based project, and we’ve started the swtich of SoapUI’s approach from an academic REST approach to a more pragmatic approach to REST.

Read more about the new features in SoapUI 4.6, or click on the download links below to try them out for yourself: