Ramp Up/Down Component

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A trigger that is designed to slowly increase or decrease the rate of the samples to a predetermined level.

loadUI Ramp Component

loadUI Ramp Component

Enable/Disable Enables or disables the Component
2_snag_evi Start Rate
Controls the initial rate
3_snag_evi End Rate
Controls the final rate
4_snag_evi Rate Unit Sets the time unit for the rate
5_snag_evi Period
The time it takes to get from the starting to the final rate
6_snag_evi Current Rate
Displays the current rate
7_snag_evi Restart
Restarts the execution from the initial rate
8_snag_evi Activation
Terminal for controlling if the component is enabled or disabled
9_snag_evi Trigger Signal
Sends out the trigger signal

Compact View


Ramp Up/Down Compact View

Current Rate Displays the current rate


  • A message sending a signal to other components


  • Start - The beginning rate of sampling
  • End - The Target Rate
  • Unit (seconds, minutes, hours) - the unit used
  • Period (seconds)
  • Current Rate (label widget)