LoadUI & The Art of Load Testing

LoadUI is a open source API load testing solution that is free and cross-platform. With a visual, drag-and-drop interface, it allows you to create, configure and redistribute your load tests interactively and in real-time. In a single test environment, LoadUI provides complete test coverage and supports all the standard protocols and technologies. And it’s so powerful, it generates scalable, high-volume and real-world load from any number of local and remote computers. Meet LoadUI, the future of Load Testing.



Comes in two stunning editions

LoadUI comes in two stunning editions, LoadUI and LoadUI Pro. LoadUI is free and Open Source, so anyone can have free access to the full source code and you can modify or customize it any way you like. You are also free to redistribute it without paying any license fees. LoadUI Pro includes everything LoadUI has, but also adds Server Monitoring, Distribution, and Results Comparison to the mix. And, because LoadUI is Java-based, it works on most operating systems, like Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Read more about LoadUI Pro or go ahead and try a free 14-day trial of LoadUI Pro today! Fully functional and no credit card needed.


Server Monitoring

With extended server monitoring LoadUI Pro will not only deliver response times and through-put but also detailed information on anything from CPU and RAM usage to database performance and resource utilization. Basically LoadUI will answer the question "Are you all right?", while LoadUI Pro will tell you what’s wrong. LoadUI Pro is offered in two different versions, nodelocked or floating license. Either way you have unlimited load generation and virtual users with a twist of a nob. Read more about Server Monitoring.


Powerful Distribution

Running load tests usually involves simulating large amounts of traffic at specific times. Due to the amount of computer resources this takes, it can become difficult to do this using a single computer. In LoadUI Pro, each virtual user scenario can be distributed out to a number of LoadUI agents, where they will be executed just like in the desktop application. Having these LoadUI Pro agents physically located in a remote location can more accurately simulate traffic coming from outside the network.


Interactive Testing. In Real-Time.

Before LoadUI, Load Testing was very static and counter intuitive. You had to first create the tests and then run them to the end before you could update them. With its Real-time Testing technology, LoadUI changes all that. Now you can create, configure, and update your tests in real-time – while the tests are running. This allows you to more intuitively load test your service, and experiment to find results you would otherwise have missed. Also, the time of having to wait for your current test run is over, before editing certain parameters are over.


Elegant and Intuitive by Design

The first thing that will strike you about LoadUI is its elegant and intuitive user interface. It’s simply unlike anything you’ve ever seen. LoadUI is the first software to deliver a visual, drag-and-drop Load Testing experience, and to fully eliminate manual testing and scripting. Everything – from test design to distribution to analytics – is designed with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind. So the first time you start up LoadUI, you’ll know how to use it. You create even the most complex tests simply by dragging components from the Component Toolbar and dropping them onto the Canvas. And you can interactively move the components around the free-form canvas however you like, add new components, dynamically alter and fine-tune any test parameters, and much more – all while the tests are running.


Seamless SoapUI Integration

Because SmartBear makes both LoadUI and soapUI, they work together seamlessly. Using the SoapUI Runner component, you can leverage pre-existing functional SoapUI TestCases and run them as high-capacity Load Tests in loadUI. This integration enables loadUI to deliver support for a wide range of protocols and technologies – from HTTP(S), HTML, SOAP/WSDL and REST to AMF, JDBC and POX. Want to also perform service simulations as part of your Load Testing scenario? Use the MockService component and run your SoapUI MockServices right on LoadUI. Of course, you can add any number of MockService and soapUI Runner components, and run them all at the same time, on your local computers or on the cloud. The options are yours! Read more about the soapUI integration.


Integrated Analytics

With advanced analysis and reporting features, LoadUI allows you to quickly and effectively drill into data – during and after test runs – to pinpoint performance bottlenecks and identify their causes. The Statistics Workbench built into LoadUI automatically captures and correlates performance metrics while tests are running, and instantly visualizes them in real-time charts. LoadUI monitors everything from the start, so there’s no need to predefine what metrics you want to see. In a matter of seconds, you can also compare historical results with each other, as well as LIVE statistics for your current test run. Once the test execution is over, you can generate comprehensive reports with just a click, and customize them however you like by selecting what performance metrics to appear in the report. Just as easy, you can print and export reports in standard formats.


Compare Results

LoadUI Pro allows you to compare data from previous executions with one another. It also gives you the opportunity to compare that older data with live statistics from the current test run. This means that, using the Statistics Workbench, you can compare historical results with live statistics, adjust the settings of your currently running test to identify diversions from previous executions, and export all of that data to be used with a third-party program all within a matter of minutes.


Scalable, Real-World Testing

LoadUI is an enterprise-level performance testing solution built to handle even the most demanding load requirements. Because of its efficient use of system resources, LoadUI handles and generates scalable, high-volume Load Tests with minimal overhead. That means even a standard machine can simulate traffic of up to hundreds of thousands of users. Or use a cloud infrastructure, such as Amazon EC2, to scale your load to millions of clients. Better yet, LoadUI tests can be run for weeks without consuming your memory or CPU. And, using the Delay Component, you can generate real-world load that accurately resembles the experience of a real user.


Modular and Extendable

Designed with modularity and component-orientation principles in mind, the core of LoadUI is built on the powerful OSGi and Groovy technologies, making it remarkably easy to create your own custom components. The entire infrastructure is so dynamic that every time you create or modify a custom component, it is automatically displayed and updated on the LoadUI interface – without having to restart LoadUI or even stop your tests. It all happens instantly and seamlessly.


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