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Release the Virtual User

The Virtual Users have long been an oppressed people in the load testing world. Bought and sold in bulk with hard-to-understand pricing models. LoadUI Pro wants to set the Virtual Users free.

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Most load testing tools today require you to estimate how many Virtual Users you will expose your service to, and buy a bundle of said Users at the time of purchase. The tools themselves don’t have any (workable) amount of Virtual Users to start off with, and if you don’t purchase enough Users you are forced into contacting the supplier to purchase more.

Why are we doing this?

Unlimited Virtual Users in LoadUI Pro

We don’t think it’s fair to trade the Virtual Users as if they were the property of the supplier. The Virtual Users are, and have always been, owned by the load testers themselves. They are run on, and only limited by, your own bandwidth.

So, why should you have to pay to use more of your own bandwidth? The simple answer is: you shouldn’t. With LoadUI Pro you get an unlimited amount of Virtual Users. And if your bandwidth isn’t sufficient for the amount of traffic you need to generate, you can simply distribute the test from additional LoadUI Agents, which are also included in LoadUI Pro.

All of this makes the pricing and offer of LoadUI Pro a lot easier to understand. For the fixed price of USD 9900 you get a fully-functional load testing tool with the ability to create, configure and redistribute your load tests interactively and in real-time, built on the platform of the most downloaded load testing tool in the world: LoadUI Open Source. It also has extended server monitoring, allowing you to easily and quickly find detailed information on anything from CPU and RAM-usage to database performance and resource utilization.

But don’t just take our word for it, try it out for yourself. Download a 14-day free trial of LoadUI Pro. No credit card needed.