loadUI in Depth

Why LoadUI

LoadUI gives you the opportunity to run Fast and Fun interactive and explorative testing so you can measure the performance of your system under load in order to find performance issues, monitor, modify and play around with them, all in real time.

LoadUI is built for developers; the look and feel is much more easy than other load testing tools and it’s well integrated with SoapUI.


rapid-devRapid development
Save money and time by quickly identifying and fixing bugs earlier

focus-on-high-qualityGreat design
Unmatched design which brings more pleasure and work satisfaction to testing. With our easy to use too, the software users and their managers will have less frustration also. You can be creative, involved, passionate and while using your intuition.

low-costLive and interactive testing
The best results of a test can be observed only if you can play around with variables and observe different results. LoadUI has live, dynamic and interactive testing where you can change parameters while running multiple tests.

fast-and-funFast and Fun!
Of course, hard factors such as time, cost and quality are important when you decide which load testware to buy. But why not have fun while you are at it.


Integration with SoapUI

Any Functional Test in SoapUI can be run as a Load Test in LoadUI with just one mouse click. This makes LoadUI fast and fun!


Use LoadUI for all kinds of tests

  • Ad-hoc Testing
    Create test on the fly and verify system state.
  • Manual Testing
    Manually Test-Drive your systems to manually simulate complex behaviors and detect related errors.
  • Security Testing
    Validate that your systems does not expose any security flaws under Load.
  • Explorative Testing
    Drag and drop test elements into LoadUI and explore and discover irregular behaviour in your systems.
  • Baseline Testing
    Measure basic performance under moderate load.
  • Load Testing
    Ensure that your Services handle above baseline load without performance degradation.
  • Stress Testing
    Ensure that your Services survive loads which are higher than normally expected.
  • Soak Testing
    Execute long-running Load Tests to detect performance degradations over time.
  • Load Testing
    Ensure that your Services handle above baseline load without performance degradation.
  • SLA Verification
    Make your system meets SLA's and business requirements
  • Scalability Testing
    Ramp up load continuously to find the breaking point of your Service infrastructure.
  • Recovery Testing
    Ensure that your Services recover gracefully from peak load conditions.
  • Compliance Testing
    Validate that your Services and their contracts conform to well-established industry standards.
  • Asynchronous Testing
    Validate functionality of long running business processes.