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With its groundbreaking, easy-to-use visual interface, and enterprise-class features, LoadUI – SmartBear's Load Testing tool – is the biggest leap forward in the Load Testing landscape. LoadUI's seamless integration of real-time test creation, distribution and integrated analytics gives you everything you need to test and deliver rock-solid Web services and applications. You can now do more with your Load Tests than you ever thought possible. All with drag and drop simplicity. And all in one place. For Free!

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Test Creation

Creating and planning your tests in LoadUI is a breeze. Featuring an innovative and intuitive interface, LoadUI sets a new standard for test creation. Powerful yet easy-to-use features let you do just about anything with your tests – in real-time.


Real-Time, Drag and Drop Test Creation

Create a variety of test scenarios just by dragging components from the Components Toolbar and dropping them onto your project canvas. It’s that easy!


soapUI Integration

Experience the power of SoapUI right on LoadUI. Transfer your SoapUI functional test base over to LoadUI with just a click.


Interactive Execution

Once you’ve created your tests, it takes just one click to play them. Just as easily pause, stop, reset or playback your tests.


Elegant and Intuitive Interface

The days of manual testing and coding are over. Let the power of visuals and graphics do the testing magic for you. It’s way faster and easier.


SLA Verification

Accurately verify SLA performance objectives are met, and establish trust with your customers.


Flow Control

Create multiple test paths, insert delays, and more, thanks to LoadUI’s highly customizable test flow logic.

More Features

  • Custom Components
Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring

With real-time and interactive server monitoring, LoadUI, makes it easy to analyze your server performance and find the service bottlenecks during a test run. It allows you to monitor a range of different things, from CPU- and RAM-usage to database performance and resource utilization..


Web Server Monitoring

In LoadUI Pro you will be able to monitor your Web Server’s performance. Monitor Request per Second, Cache Hit Rate, and Active Connections on IIS and Apache Web Servers.


Database Monitoring

Make sure your performance issues aren’t caused by your database, Find it out by monitoring Slow queries, Full Joins, and Average Lock Wait on MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL..


Operating System Monitoring

As part of LoadUI Pro you are now able to monitor how your server is performing on an operating system level. Keep track of things like CPU-and RAM and Disk I/O, on different platforms like Windows and Unix Operating Systems.


Application Server Monitoring

How well is your Application Server doing? Trace performance issues to your Application Server. Monitor heap size, Thread Count even custom metrics on JBoss, WebLogic and Tomcat application Servers..


Dedicated Support

We’ve added dedicated and unlimited Pro Support in the LoadUI Pro license. Get in touch with our team via mail or through the Pro Specific forum. Let us shed some light on any questions you might have!


Statistics Workbench

Using the same intuitive, drag and drop interface, you are now just a click away from a wealth of analytics. All the statistics and analysis all in one place, manage test data in real time.


Powerful analytics engine

Designed to handle massive amounts of data, LoadUI Analytics is the first real-time, interactive analytics engine to make actionable performance intelligence available to everyone – from testers to developers to business teams.


Compare tests in real-time

LoadUI Pro allows you to, in a matter of seconds, compare historical results with each other, as well as LIVE statistics for your current test run. Just select two results from the Result Selector, and the next second everything is aggregated and visualized in a single chart.


Results Manager

LoadUI automatically saves a list of recent analysis results and makes them easily accessible. And if you want to archive a result, simply drag and drop it from the Recent Results container to Archived Results – and you're done.


LIVE Agent Analytics

In LoadUI Pro, you have full access to LIVE statistics from any Agent at any given point in time. And since each Agent is shown in a separate sub-chart, you can even compare metrics and statistics between different Agents.


Raw Data Export

In LoadUI Pro you can export the raw data of your test results to a .csv file with the click of a button. This is great if you want to format the data in ways not supported in LoadUI, or compare it to previous data you might have, in tools like Excel.

More Features

  • 1-Click Reporting
  • Highly interactive charts
  • Multi-level result views


LoadUI Pro takes distributed testing to a whole new level. Using the powerful and flexible LoadUI Agents, you can distribute your TestCases to any number of Agents – locally and remotely – to simulate and generate high volume and real-world load with incredible efficiency. Even the most complex distributed tests are handled with superior performance.


Cloud Load Testing (Amazon EC2)

Running your Load Tests from the Cloud has never been as easy or as simple. With a couple of clicks, you can deploy a LoadUI AMI Agent to the Amazon EC2.*


Drag and Drop Agent Deployment

Whether distributing your TestCases to multiple Agents on your local network or on the Cloud, LoadUI Pro provides the same ease. All you have to do is Drag and Drop.


Real-Time Feedback

Get real-time feedback and updates on the status and results of your distributed tests. All that, plus many other Live features that make your Load Testing that much better. Only in LoadUI.


Parallel Test Runs

With no limit to the number of tests that can be run in parallel, you can build complex and powerful distributed tests in minutes.


Multi-OS Agent Support

LoadUI delivers enterprise-class capabilities. The LoadUI Pro Agent software is available for all the popular desktop and server OSs, including Windows, Linux and Mac.


Interactive Test Runs

Dynamically alter and fine-tune the test parameters while tests are running. Ramp up the load, add and run TestCases on the fly, change Assertion Count, and much more.

More Features

  • Agent Synchronization
  • Optimized Virtual User Support
  • Assertions

Analysis and Reporting

What good is Load Testing if you can’t see or document what happens during and after test runs? Out of the box, LoadUI provides comprehensive and superior analytics – from interactive charts and lists with real-time data to advanced auto-generated reports. It’s all at your fingertips.


Live Statistics

The Statistics component captures and analyzes key test and performance metrics, and instantly visualizes them onto one, real-time chart.


Advanced Reporting

LoadUI comes with a powerful reporting engine. With just a click, LoadUI auto-generates detailed and easy-to-understand reports.


Detailed Analysis and Monitoring

The Table Log component displays detailed data as the tests are running, making monitoring the behavior of your system easier than ever.


Report Printing

With LoadUI, printing stunning reports is just a click away, making it easy to share and review the test results with your team.


Report Exporting

Export your report in popular formats, including PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel, HTML, or XML. loadUI does the format conversion for you.


Custom Reports

Create custom reports in seconds. Add your own data to the generated report and make it special just for you.


Complete Testing

Designed as an integrated testing environment, LoadUI provides complete Load Testing coverage, including everything from Baseline to Isolation Testing. And it’s all fully interactive. You can easily modify your tests and find and fix errors in real-time. No other Testware makes Load Testing as complete and interactive.


Baseline Testing

Create a baseline against which other types of tests can be related, and monitor how your system behaves under expected load.


Stress Testing

Observe the performance of your system under heavy loads and ensure it doesn’t crash, using the powerful stress testing features built into LoadUI.


Endurance (Soak) Testing

Apply load to your system over a long period of time, observe how it behaves under sustained use, and optimize its performance.


Spike Testing

With just a few clicks, spike the load volumes, validate the behavior of your system, and detect glitches – all in real-time.


Configuration Testing

Test your system against all of the supported software and hardware configurations.


Isolation Testing

LoadUI makes it easy to find and isolate performance bottlenecks in your system, and handle them reliably.

More Features

  • Scalability Testing
  • Recovery Testing


LoadUI packs advanced end-to-end automation features, allowing you to dramatically reduce labor costs and improve your time-to-market. Using the LoadUI Command-Line Runner, you can run your Load Tests from just about any task scheduler, or as an integrated part of your build process. You can even customize the test execution by using command-line switches to override the test limits, which Agents to distribute the tests to, and much more.



Run your LoadUI Load Tests within a Maven build with simple commands. And, if you don’t want to load an entire project file, you can easily run specific TestCases.



LoadUI makes Continuous Integration with Hudson easy, too. The benefits are two-fold: the development process is always running and finding bugs is much easier.



Integrate and run your tests within a Bamboo build - and automate your Load Testing practices - just by typing a few simple commands. Automation and integration - all in one place.



Running your Load Tests as part of a Luntbuild build is just a single command away. You can even customize the test execution - you choose all the options!



With the flexibility of LoadUI's Command-Line Runner, you can also run and customize your tests within an ANT automated build.


Your Choice System

Using Continuous Integration Tools other than the ones already listed? With LoadUI you can run your Load Tests from just about any tool. That's Test Automation at its finest!


Technology Support

Building applications or services based on a variety of protocols? Through seamless integration with SoapUI, LoadUI provides support for all the common protocols and standards. One tool to test them all.



Easily import, test and validate your WSDL and SOAP-based services – no matter how complex. Everyone can get involved, from developers to QA and business requirements teams.



Test your REST-based Web Services fully. Send messages with HTTP GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, HEAD, OPTIONS, or custom methods.


Web and HTTP(S)

Automate the creation of typical usage scenarios by interactively recording web usage. Recordings provide detail-level insight into the HTTP(S) traffic, making debugging easier and quicker.



With just a few clicks, Load Test your Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), validate their performance, and fine-tune them prior to deployment.



Intuitive and rich exploration and analysis of databases. Test and verify input and results from any JDBC database.



Quickly and easily improve your XML. Ensure your XML services remain practical and interoperable.


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* Amazon EC2 is a service provided by Amazon. Amazon EC2 is not included with loadUI; separate account setup is required to use the service.